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2022 Gibson Southern Jumbo

2018 Reverend PA-3 Baritone

2012 Suhr Classic Antique S

2010 Fender Highway One Tele

2007 Gibson ES-345

2005 Heritage H-137

2000 Gibson Les Paul Classic

1997 Gibson ES-175

1997 Guild Stafire III

1996 Fender Jazz Bass

1985 Epiphone Sheraton


2013 Morgan SW-50R

2012 Vox AC4HW

2011 Morgan PR-12S

1974 Fender Princeton Reverb

1973 Fender Vibro Champ

1967 Fender Pro Reverb

1964 Fender Concert


Custom Pedalboards UK

Pedaltrain Pedalboards

FIX Pedalboard Risers

Pelican Cases

Curt Mangan Strings

Lollar Pickups

Divine Noise Cables

Evidence Audio Cables

Jena Labs Power Cables

Mercury Magnetics Power Cables

Voodoo Lab Power Supplies

Reunion Blues Cases

Mono Cases

Couch Straps

D'Addario Picks (Black Ice 1.1mm)



GigRig G2

GigRig Three 2 One

UAFX Starlight

UAFX Golden

Strymon Timeline

Strymon Bluesky

Eventide H9 Max

Rockett Blue Note

Rockett Majestic

Rockett .45 Caliber

JHS Superbolt V2

Dr. Scientist The Elements

Dr. Scientist Frazz Dazzler V2

3Leaf Audio Proton

Xotic Wah XW-1

Xotic SP

Xotic EP

Malekko A.D

Electro Harmonix Nano Pog

TC Electronic Polytune Mini

Carl Martin Andy Timmons Comp

Ibanez SD-9

Ibanez TS-10

Ibanez TS-808

Malekko A.D

Proco Rat

LR Baggs Venue

Jackson Audio Bloom

ZVEX Mastotron

CMAT Mods Butah

Empress Buffer

Empress ParaEQ

Wampler EQuator

Kingtone Mini Fuzz Si

Kingtone The Duellist

Universal Audio Starlight

JAM Pedals Wahcko

Budda Bud Wah

Mu-Tron C-200 Volume-Wah


Shure SM57

Shure SM58

Shure KSM32

Shure SM7B

Audix i5

Electro Voice RE-20


Marantz 2240B

Kenwood KD-3070

Monitor Audio Silver S1

Sennheiser HD 598


Universal Audio Apollo X4

JBL 306P mkII

Arturia Minilab mkII


1959 Hammond A-100

1967 Vox Jaguar

1975 Wurlitzer 200A

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