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Shag Bag released May 6th 2022 Atlanta Records

In his latest single, guitarist Chance Hayden includes jazz-funk icon and legendary keyboardist Ronnie Foster whose distinguished credits include George Benson, Grant Green, Stevie Wonder, Chaka Kahn & Roberta Flack. An informal catch-up between Hayden and drummer Chris Foster, son of Ronnie and former Portland neighbor of Hayden, led to this spirited remote collaboration during an early lockdown of the covid pandemic. Hayden penned a tune inspired by the slick yet edgy funk feel of Foster's early 70s Blue Note Records releases which became cult classics in the 90s as sources for sample-heavy hip hop. The interweaving of Hayden's guitar and Foster's keyboards flies high atop an air tight groove surrounded by a crisp horn section and masterful percussion from Lenny Castro, one of the world's most recorded conga players best known in connection with famed acts such as Toto, The Rolling Stones, John Mayer and Stevie Wonder (with whom he first worked alongside Foster). Deep, wide and brimmed with surprises, Shag Bag carries all the goods with irresistible style and attitude.

**Grab & Go (cover art).jpg

Grab & Go released Nov. 20th 2020 Atlanta Records

"In recent years, Chance Hayden has established himself as one of the finer guitarists blowing outta’ Portland, Oregon, blessed with taste, melodicism, chops and fluency in various musical languages. He comes on strong but sweetly on his latest album, Grab & Go, a neo-soul-jazz outing with nods to historical roots, but also lined with modern twists and ear-grabbing harmonic rope-a-dope. This is party-ready jazz, but with brains and nimble guitar venturing in the bargain.”

-Joe Woodard (longtime contributor to DownBeat & Jazziz)

A lively set of ten new originals featuring Hayden's frequent cohorts Michael Elson, JP Downer, Tyrone Hendrix, Damian Erskine, Mark Griffith, Alex Milsted and Sarah Clarke. 

**The Comedown (final art by Jamie Breiw

The Comedown released Sept. 18th 2020 Atlanta Records

Guitarist Chance Hayden and vocalist Sarah Clarke join forces in songwriting with an openhearted glance at the complex feelings of a new love and its often confusing emotional intensity. Within that experience, it’s somehow possible to feel elated, terrified, confident and doubtful all at the same time. The lyrics for The Comedown reflect this sensation, toying with the trope that ‘love highs’ and ‘drug highs’ are closely related. Volleying between tender contemplation and assured wonderment of the inevitable drop, at its core, this song is about the sweetest parts of love and never wanting to let them go. With a steady head-bobbing groove, soulful jazz harmonies and two inspired solo sections, The Comedown delivers among one’s end-of-summer musings.

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Get Somethin' released May 4th 2018 Atlanta Records

Ten groove-laden tracks that recall and advance upon the early 70s jazz-funk movement with high fidelity. The set seamlessly blends five Hayden originals with five distinctively chosen covers including a long-lost James Brown tune "You Mother You," a rare instrumental take on Bill Withers' "Kissing My Love" and a thoughtful re-arrangement of Donny Hathaway's "Someday We'll All Be Free" featuring the inimitable vocals of Jarrod Lawson. Hayden’s tasteful guitar work is at center stage while the supporting instrumentation bares various keyboards, electric bass and vintage drums with the addition of auxiliary percussion and horns in the right places. A deep well of influences can be recognized from the classic r&b of blaxploitation soundtracks to modern jazz and neo soul. 

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